Your Views: Utilities should be public and nonprofit

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Monday, April 21, 2014

I would like to add to the letter of Charles Lemke, Fort Atkinson, titled “Nation's power system leaving us vulnerable” in the April 17 edition. Mr. Lemke wrote about how electric utilities are profit-driven rather than consumer-driven, as they should be.

All electrical utilities should be public, nonprofit corporations owned and controlled by the consumers they serve, if they are not already municipal utilities. Public and nonprofit does not mean government-owned. We are fortunate in Brodhead because we have a municipal utility.

All utilities, including cable TV, Internet access, sewer, telephone and water, should be public, nonprofit corporations if not already municipal. Although most sewer and water systems are municipal, there is an unfortunate trend to privatize even these. The result is higher rates and poorer quality of service.



Founder and president

The Ecotopian Society

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