Sound Off for Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

On fire station: The city council has approved the tearing down of 12 houses to build the new fire station. I’ve lived in this town for 50 years. I pay $7,000 in property tax. I will be putting my house up for sale and moving away from this city, where things seem to be backward instead of forward.

-- Move the homes instead of demolishing them. Look into this costwise. It’s a solution if the people want to keep the homes they’re living in.

-- Matt Kealy voted against the new fire station to save taxpayers a few dollars but voted for us residents on the west side to install sidewalks, which are going to cost thousands. That doesn’t make much sense.

-- Why doesn’t the Janesville Fire Department go three shifts? That way, you don’t have to pay for extra space for beds, and when there are three shifts, the firefighters can bring their own sack lunches without using taxpayers to pay for their food or use of fire trucks and gas to go shopping for food. There are always ways to save money. Come on, folks, let’s get with it.

-- After watching the city council in action April 14, they are worth exactly what we pay them—nothing. It really concerns me, though, that the council controls the city’s pocketbook. They can spend $9.5 million without even voting on a budget or considering the fire department going to 12-hour shifts and no dormitories.

-- How refreshing to know that Kathy Voskuil will no longer be ruling our city council members who have followed her lead in ignoring the citizens of Janesville. Please, no more decisions behind closed doors that should be made with citizen input. Our entire council has been a joke for far too long.

On Janesville schools: For Karen Schulte and Kim Ehrhardt to glamorize and gloat over the test scores as success is dishonest. What are parents and the public to think when red numbers outranked black numbers in The Gazette chart April 8? The Journey to Excellence is not working. The district needs new leaders. The Gazette editorial last Sunday was accurate and transparent.

-- Superintendent Schulte opens her arms to welcome the Chinese population into Janesville, but behind our backs, the Chinese are indirectly trying to destroy America, and she cannot see this.

On test scores: A week ago, the Beloit Daily News reported that Beloit Turner and Parkview scored well in the students exams. With all the people who subscribe to The Gazette, it’s a shame you didn’t print those scores. Hooray for the Beloit Daily News to let people know that Parkview students have good teachers.

On Ryan budget: If Paul Ryan wants to make real budget cuts, the war’s over in Korea, Japan and Germany; limit all these foreign bases. These countries have strong economies and should pay their own way for security. Plus, we have nuclear subs 24/7 patrolling the world, and our enemies know it, and they’re not stupid enough to start WWIII. We can’t afford it anymore.

On natural gas prices: You don’t hear people complain about a $1.50 candy bar or a $2.50 scoop of ice cream. I heated my three-bedroom home at 71 degrees, took showers and washed clothes for $4.70 a day. That sure beats the heck out of a Starbucks.

On stabbings at school: I can’t believe no one has introduced legislation for stricter knife control because obviously if guns are responsible for school shootings, then obviously knives are responsible for school stabbings. Where is the Democratic Party on this issue? Where is the consistency?

On hunger: There are no hungry children in this country. Plenty of children are struggling with obesity. There is free food for virtually anyone who wants it. If there are hungry children, it’s because their parents are abusing them. There may be a few mentally ill people who don’t know how to access free food that is virtually everywhere, but you don’t even have to be poor to get food stamps.

On Mike Sheridan: I have a problem with those people in Wednesday’s Sound Off who don’t want to vote for Mike because he dated a lobbyist but yet have no problem voting for Republicans who are sponsored by the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

On loud motorcycles: In response to Wednesday’s Sound Off, motorcycles have loud pipes so they are heard as well as seen by drivers and they don’t get hit. People complain about ones that will shatter your windows, but I have yet to see any shattered windows. Show us the pictures.

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