Your Views: Janesville, federal incentives to SHINE ignore equal opportunity

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

If SHINE receives all incentives mentioned in the April 4 Gazette, those 125 jobs could cost Janesville and the U.S. governments $272,000 per job. These government commitments will raise taxes on the rest of us, leaving little money for business expansion. SHINE will create no jobs during a seven-year period.

 I believe 1,200 or more jobs could be created now, with this money, if both governments would streamline the dysfunctional regulatory environment and, with grants, help existing businesses fund government mandates. Most regulations are unnecessary, awkward, cumbersome, confusing, expensive and job obstructing. Janesville can lead with readable regulations clearly stating their purpose and making them difficult to interpret wrongly. 

Society's existing attitude is that all businesses are evil. Many businesses are evil, as are the unions. They differ in that one provides paychecks, while the other constrains expansion through union rules, thereby limiting more jobs—i.e., no one can change a light bulb except an electrician, even if none is available until the next day. I counted 17 different unions—far too many—stumbling over each other to build a hospital.

The city council can create jobs now by concentrating on existing business rather than high-profile ones. Give all of them “equal opportunity.”

In the Pledge of Allegiance, at every council meeting, you say, “with liberty and justice for all.” All means everyone. It does not mean “for the better overall good of the community even though some get hurt,” as some council members seem to think.



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