Your Views: He remembers a different Wisconsin

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

I remember Wisconsin when:

-- Voting was wildly encouraged and obstacles were not advanced to keep the poor, minorities, students, the disabled and the elderly from voting.

-- Voters, not money from outside interests, determined elections.

-- Women were afforded the right to manage their own health care.

-- The unemployed were not labeled “moochers” in need of a lecture on the dignity of work.

-- Public employees weren’t used as scapegoats nor pitted against their neighbors and other workers.

-- Schools and teachers were the pride and joy of communities and not called failures by those in power in Madison.

-- “Divide and conquer” was a military maneuver, not a way of governing.

-- Bills authorizing harm to the environment [mining] were defeated, not signed into law.

-- Wisconsin’s natural resources were scrupulously protected by the DNR, not offered up for capitalistic profit.

-- Communities were safe from being overrun by polluting mine operators and corporate entities sucking whole aquifers dry; emptying wells, lakes and rivers.

-- Legislators weren’t bullied into voting against their own constituents under the threat of a primary opponent for failing to follow the party line.

This Wisconsin seems so long ago—yet it existed until just three short years ago!



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