Your Views: Critics are dishonest in attacking Ryan’s budget

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Paul Ryan’s critics are dishonestly portraying his budget as having draconian cuts that will devastate Americans. On the current path, spending will grow 5.2 percent a year, or about $48 trillion over 10 years. By contrast, under the Republican budget, spending will grow by 3.5 percent a year, or nearly $43 trillion. Increasing spending by 3.5 percent instead of 5.2 percent is hardly imposing draconian cuts.

Ryan is being condemned because he wants to stop spending our grandchildren’s money, while creating jobs with pro-growth reforms. He is strengthening the safety net so the neediest can get the help they need.

President Obama’s budget raises taxes by $1.8 trillion, on top of the $1.7 trillion he’s already raised. He wants to increase his out-of-control spending by another $791 billion. He never balances the budget.

Critics of Ryan want to take more from families to spend more in Washington, while controlling our life and our economy. Their policies mean less opportunity, more debt and fewer jobs for us.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the deficit reduction in Ryan’s budget will grow the economy. In 2024, economic output will be 1.8 percent greater than it otherwise would be. That works out to about $1,100 per person.

The Ryan budget calls for pro-growth tax reform and greater energy production. It protects and strengthens Medicare. It repairs the safety net so it’s there for those who need it.

We have to get our spending under control. This is a start.



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