Spring has sprung: Rummage sales mark transition to outdoors

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Nick Crow
Saturday, April 19, 2014

JANESVILLE — Saturday was the final indoor "Mega Sale" at the Craig Center Fairgrounds until September.

A sure sign the weather has finally changed, say vendors, many of whom will begin taking their products to outdoor rummage sales over the next several months.

"I collect a little bit of everything," vendor Bill Trewartha said. "I do this because there is too much stuff at the house."

People shop rummage sales for everything from historical items to an odd piece that catches the eye, Trewartha said.

"In my private collection I look for historical items," Trewartha said. "I have four storage units worth of stuff."

Robert Holden, 91, of Afton, was at the rummage sale Saturday looking at baseball cards.

"I've been a fan since 1926," Holden said. "I went to my first game in 1928."

Holden said he goes to the sales not just to look at the trading cards but everything vendors have to offer.

"I enjoy seeing what people got and what people want for it," Holden said.

Michael "Woody" Woodward has been involved in trading cards since 1993 and sees people looking for all different types.

"People want different things," Woodward said. "Wrestling, golf, baseball, you never know what they want."

Dale Peterson acquires the items he sells through estate sales, he said. There isn't a trick to collecting because each person has their own tastes, he said.

"Garden stuff is hot right now because of the season," Peterson said. "Advertising and toys are always popular. Furniture and glassware are down right now. Today's youth don't collect like older customers. They like different things."

Peterson said in his business it's always important to follow the trends and to price items accordingly.

"Every year you have to stay on top of the trends," Peterson said. "Prices go up and down. You have to stay on top of it or you're never going to sell anything."

The end of the "Mega Sale" season falls in line with the beginning of city-wide rummage sales. During the summer months, they take place every third Saturday at locations throughout Janesville and the surrounding areas.

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