Sound Off for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On student artist: Way to go, Colton Ellis. I'm so impressed with your wheel-thrown mugs (Page 4A, Friday). They're gorgeous. Keep up the good work. You really have a career ahead of you. Congratulations.

On landfill costs: Big news, it now costs $11 ($5.50 per cubic yard) for Janesville residents to dump a pickup load of brush and branches at the compose site. Think of all the revenue that will be generated from dead ash trees.

On loud motorcycles: Why are motorcycles still allowed to have aftermarket, illegal pipes that will shatter the glass on your windows and wake up the kids, but yet I can't run open headers on my truck so that I can be half as loud as the motorcycles?

On Paul Ryan: He's out to destroy Medicare with his plan to replace it with insurance that will be very expensive and cut many services. Next will be Social Security on his list. He also is trying to destroy food stamps for the needy, but we must never raise income taxes on the rich. Why does anyone vote for him? He only cares about the rich.

On wandering kids: People should watch their children from going into other people's yards when riding bikes or walking. They should be kept in their own yards instead.

On fire station: Regarding Page 1A Saturday, “Still waiting for the details,” when I built my house, the plans, estimates and contract were approved before I signed on the dotted line. A “moving target” would be a big “no” and dishonesty to me. All the stress on affected homeowners is horrendous and shameful.

-- I'm very curious in reading articles on the proposed new fire station. I live on one of the roads that the new Highway 26 lost access to. It's funny nothing was ever brought out about the fire, police, and ambulance response times when they closed us off. Now you go through two and three roundabouts to get to any of the homes in this area.

On Mike Sheridan: He cannot be serious about running for Senate. Mike, please don't bother showing up at my door asking for my vote because you lost it when you got involved with that lobbyist.

-- Sheridan, you have no credibility for any office. You collected full pay as UAW president while being paid as a legislator. We don't need double dipping.

On test scores: Superintendent Schulte is popping her buttons about test scores. Why doesn't she compare them against some of the well-educated countries throughout the world? She can pop her buttons when we're competing with them.

On Leonard Pitts: I seldom agree with Pitts' thoughts and opinions, but boy did he hit it on the head on CNN's coverage of the missing jet plane (Page 8A, Sunday).

On Chinese student: Who's idea was it to give him an American name (Page 1A, Sunday)? Why can't he go by Jiming Ye? One's identity is attached to your name. It seems like he has enough to deal with coming to a strange country without also answering to a new name.

On GOP skit: “Saturday Night Live” opened its show with a skit portraying Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush at spring break, trying to appear hip to America's youth with their extreme Republican policies. It was hilarious. The sad thing is, today's Republican Party is so out of touch with reality they don't know the joke is on them.

On JCPenney: We went to Penney's on Sunday, and the walls are like they're talking to you, saying “Why?” It's so sad, the end of an era. My mom worked at Penney's when I was little back in the '40s when it was downtown. It almost makes a person want to cry. Maybe it's called progress, but I don't think so. Janesville will never be the same without a Penney's.

On Parkview referendum: Steve Lutzke, superintendent, says his taxes will go up $905 because of the referendum passing. I'm sure the impact on his family will not be as great as someone working two minimum-wage jobs. Lutzke's salary is $134,000. He has no emotional ties to the area. He can leave anytime, and the rest of us will have to stay and pay the bill.

On errant page: I was reading Sunday's sports, “Make it eight straight” for the Brewers, and it said to turn to Page 3B. When I did, I couldn't find the story. I looked all over and the third page was from April 2. Wow, what a big mistake. I've never seen such a mistake.

-- Regarding Sunday's sports, I hope you guys have good proofreaders because apparently Mr. Bliss isn't getting his money's worth.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That was a production error involving pages transmitted electronically from our downtown offices to our printing plant. Sunday's missing content was reprinted in Monday's paper.


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