Your Views: He read ‘Unintimidated’ and remains ‘unimpressed’

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I read Gov. Walker’s book, “Unintimidated.” I didn’t buy it; I borrowed it from a public library that purchased it with taxpayers’ money. Pages 79 and 80 listed 10 reasons why labor unions were bad and needed to go. Many of those reasons can be used to explain why big money in politics must also go.

It seems the governor and his “rubber stamp buddies” prefer receiving millions of campaign dollars from corporations and multibillionaires to allowing working-class unions the ability to fund candidates of their choice.

As long as anyone has the money to buy influence and political allies, the entire balance is upset. This gives the advantage to those who can “buy” the politicians who forget they have taken the oath to represent all people. It isn’t fair, and I don’t like it. Neither should you.

I don’t relish paying taxes, but I know taxes are needed to fund this country’s needs. I also believe each must pay one’s share. Let’s be honest. If you have the money, you must pay the tax regardless of how this money was acquired.

I also noticed the governor stressed his courage and humility many times, but I was unable to find the words “divide and conquer” even once. I wonder why?

Perhaps I, too, could be unintimidated if I had all that money from WMC, the Koch brothers, the Walton and Amway families, Karl Rove’s PAC and even Diane Hendricks behind me. Without it, I remain “unimpressed”!



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