Sound Off for Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

On city eyesores: The first impression of Janesville coming in on Highway 14 between North Wright Road and Pine Tree Plaza is pitiful. It looks like a garbage truck dumped over. Isn't somebody going to clean up the mess? The bike trails are a sorry sight for Janesville.

-- The South Jackson Street bridge is getting to be a big eyesore. That plastic fence they have up will not stop a car from going into the river.

On cellphone use: If you're driving along Milton Avenue and the driver next to you has their head bowed, they're not praying, they're texting. What they should be doing is praying they don't kill some innocent person because of their stupidity.

On test scores: The Gazette on April 8 could have presented several other ways to look at the Janesville School District's test results. First, eight of 14 district scores in math and reading declined from last year. Second, compared to last year, 53 individual school scores declined out of a possible 94. Also, there was no mention of minority student test scores.

-- Page 2A Wednesday says “Test scores lag in voucher schools.” The voucher schools need to grow. They accept students who can't read or do math up to high school levels because public schools didn't take the time with them and do the job. Parents can see that and make a good choice.

On Paul Ryan: He continues promoting vouchers for Medicare. Would someone please tell him that on Nov. 6, 2012, he and Mitt lost the election by over 5 million votes? He's closed.

On Gov. Walker: A caller in Wednesday's Sound Off says Gov. Walker acts like a spoiled little rich kid. No, actually the spoiled little rich kid is running against him. Her name is Mary Burke.

-- Regarding Wednesday's Sound Off about Walker in Las Vegas, the hypocrisy of the Left never ceases to amaze me. They can find fault with Walker and his associates but not a word on all the vacations, play dates and campaigning the president does with his billionaire buddies. When are we all going to hold all politicians accountable for what they do?

-- This is on Walker not having a college degree. Let's compare his job performance with the other 49 governors and tell me who's doing a better job. Now let's look at our president, who holds two degrees from prestigious universities, Harvard and Columbia, and he has mucked up everything he has touched. Apparently a college degree is not that important.

On fire department: It's terrible that they would take homes away from people to build a new fire station. They need to look for land they can use or some of these empty buildings they can use and let these people keep their homes. Get rid of the city council. We need a mayor. No more of these city council people; they make poor decisions.

-- If firefighters worked like they do at the police department with 12-hour shifts, they wouldn't have to have a dormitory for male and female persons. The hospital works on a 12-hour shift, too. There's no reason why the fire department can't do the same thing.

On columnist: I commend Kathleen Parker for her column Tuesday, “Democrats keep demonizing the Koch brothers.” I found her article to be refreshing, telling it like it is.

On dead woman: This is in reference to the article on Tuesday, April 8, on Page 7A. My heart goes out to the family of Alejandra Guzman-Flores, whose body was found in Jefferson County in a cornfield. The article was good except it doesn't show a picture of her. That would help people to know if they saw or had contact with her.

On police reports: I couldn't agree more with Wednesday's Sound Off. They never put in the paper who is found innocent. Further, there should be a law against looking people up while at work and harassing or gossiping about them on the job. The Internet is never completely thorough about their arrest and what happened.

On police honors: I heard the Janesville Police Department issued officer of the year and a number of other awards. Three of the four or five were graduates of schools in Janesville. I know there was a press release provided by the Janesville Police Department, yet nothing was printed in The Gazette, and I wonder why.

On Milton meeting: Milton Mayor Frazier wants another listening session on the Highway 26 bypass, allowing him to control what he hears from the public. There have been many closed sessions at council meetings, denying the public the right to know what their city government is discussing. How about fewer listening sessions and more open meetings?

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