Web Views for Friday, April 11, 2014

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Friday, April 11, 2014


On commission favors fire station: This needs a referendum! Let the residents decide!

-- Truthtelller

-- This is an ill-advised decision. … I just cannot understand this. I challenge anyone to tell me moving the station to the empty area that used to be the Little League park off Milton Avenue would not work.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- Yes, let the residents decide. This is way out of control.

-- Oldtimer

-- The city is not going to destroy the homes without negotiating a reasonable and acceptable settlement with the homeowners. The renters will also obtain compensation for moving. The site selection criteria have determined that Little League park is not within a reasonable response time window to be considered.

-- new user

-- I wish the council had approached the citizens and asked for opinions on this long ago. I, too, feel there were better and cheaper options. Kicking 12 families from their homes is ridiculous. However, this has dragged out way too long. Make the decision and get it over with. I only hope the city pays well over fair market value for those homes as compensation.

-- Mike Wimmer

On shortfall could delay I-90/39: Just ask Obama for the money and tell him it’s for foreign aid. If anything, this expansion project should be expedited. If you really want to save money, start citing drivers for not getting over. Most of delays I witness are from insensitive drivers hogging the left lane.

-- beamer

-- Why is the governor handing out tax cuts while necessary infrastructure projects go unfunded and pushed into the future when those projects will cost more? He’s cynically trying to buy his way to re-election at the expense of sound public policy.

--Michael Crittenden

-- Beamer, I’m with you on the left-lane riders. I’ve been driving to work in Madison for 20 years, and I’ve seen it all. I have also been criticized on this Gazette blog for expressing my frustration over left-lane cruisers. There are those that believe if they are driving 65 the left lane is perfectly fine for them to camp out in.

-- Joe From Wisconsin

On district test scores: Whooo, Wilson Elementary! Way to go, parents and teachers!

-- SamMadison


To Greg Peck: I started tipping the maid when I learned that you should. I tidy the room, too, but cannot help it. … You should always tip your barber or stylist even if they “own” the place. That is what a tip is for. I tip at least 15 percent on the total bill for poor service. If really good, then 20 percent, and if exceptional then more.

--ms pacman

-- Without knowing how much a tipped person makes from tips, how can you say $2.13 is a joke? The true measure of proper pay is how hard it is to get and keep good help.

-- New user

-- I always tip for personal service. Having started in the restaurant industry, I make sure that good service is well-rewarded and poor service gets critiqued. I also tip barbers and taxi drivers since they are providing a personal service, as well, but only tip maids if I have a special request or the kids make a mess.

-- Northman

-- The thing that bothers me is if we go to a mom-and-pop diner and the meal for two is $15, I leave $3, but if we go to a fancy place and it’s $60, I should leave $12. The server didn’t work any harder for the $12 tip than the one for the $3. I understand that at the fancy place they have to share tips with the bus and salad people, but for the $3 tip they do it themselves.

-- Turkeyman

-- I tip 20 percent, more on holidays because these servers are away from their families to make my holiday enjoyable. These people work hard. I especially feel bad when I see a server that is swamped and customers take it out on the server when their requests aren’t honored immediately.

--Proud Grandpa

To Steve Knox: The kind of people that did this feel threatened by the cross. That is why they hate it so much. Usually a vandal has to brag. Someone else knows other than the shooter.

-- Nick Danger

-- Thank goodness no one was hurt.

-- SamMadison

-- Hope they find out who did the vandalism and also get them for illegally discharging a weapon in the city limits. This person should not have any firearms.

-- wislady

-- Another example of the lack of respect in our country. This is a very sad situation, regardless of any motive, or mental state.

-- hdonlybob

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