Your Views: Speed limit of 65 good enough in state

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Friday, April 11, 2014

In the Our Views on the Opinion page in Monday’s paper (April 7), it is suggested that Wisconsin is in the slow lane or even backward because of its speed limit on Interstate highways. You cherry pick when you write that Wisconsin is the only state between Pennsylvania and Oregon that doesn’t have a higher speed limit.

While that’s true, actually 15 other states have a 65 maximum or lower (Alaska is 55 maximum).

Reach vacation destinations more quickly? Let’s suppose one is going to vacation in Eagle River, which is in northern Wisconsin and is 250 miles away. At 65 mph, it would take three hours and 51 minutes. At 70 mph, it would take three hours and 34 minutes. That’s only 17 minutes longer. What’s the hurry to save 17 minutes? Slow down and smell the roses. We know speed kills.

My son drives to Minocqua often, and he sets his cruise at 72 and he has never been stopped, so I know we can already cruise at 70.

I hope our Legislature leaves well enough alone.



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