Sound Off for Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On court ruling: Regarding the latest Supreme Court ruling, we have the best government that money can buy. Shame on us.

-- Regarding Page 9A Sunday, apparently columnist Connie Schultz believes the court rules according to what it thinks is best. The liberal members of the court seem to do that. Their job is to read the Constitution and rule according to what it says. Your gripe is not with the Supreme Court if you don't like this ruling. Your gripe is with the Constitution.

On international outreach: Citizens could benefit from an article on Superintendent Schulte's upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi. How can she leave again when teacher morale is low and the district has unresolved issues, including finances and minority student achievement?

On police reports: Page 8A on April 4 says police will release information on people arrested. Years ago, my daughter was arrested for a crime her friends did. My daughter was an honor student. Charges were dropped, but her name had been published in The Gazette. She was devastated. It was never in the paper that she was innocent, and that's not right.

On Walker: Our governor is having a good time in Las Vegas with his billionaire buddies. He acts like a spoiled little rich kid and not a  bright one. Just what Wisconsin needs.

-- Walker is giving back some $35 million to technical colleges. He failed to mention he and his party cut the budget to those same technical colleges by 30 percent in 2011, which kept thousands of applicants out in the cold. Oh, well, there were no jobs to train for anyhow.

On congressman: Paul Ryan's budget calls for sticking it to the poor again, cutting Pell grants for poor students, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps, but no cuts to big oil and big farms. Ryan claims to be a good Catholic. I doubt if the pope would agree with his tactics.

-- First, we have a cartoon of Ryan throwing an old woman in a wheelchair over a cliff. Now (Friday), we have Ryan throwing people off an ark. The truth is those people drowning are our children and grandchildren, whose futures are being stolen in the name of compassion, and Ryan is one of few politicians with enough guts to try and stick up for them.

On “face of poverty”: In his column Friday, Leonard Pitts would have you believe that people selling electronic benefit cards for profit is an urban legend. I guess my son was dreaming when a person approached him in a bar and asked if he would like to buy one right after he asked him if he wanted to buy drugs. Pitts lives in a fantasy world devoid of reality.

On city vision statement: Concerning Friday's Our Views, whoa, was it a mean editorial I read about our new city manager? So he is retired military, so what? Leadership, focus, discipline, energy are to be made fun of? The local guy didn't get the job, so what? Innovation is not a waste of time.

On good Samaritan: I would like to thank Ava Jean from Rockton, who helped my mother at a JPAC performance. The person driving my mother, who is in a wheelchair, could not find a parking place. This woman helped my mother into the building so she did not have to wait in the rain. When the performance was over, she waited and helped her back to the car.

On heroin: My heart goes out to families who have lost loved ones. Meanwhile, the rest of us are hoping our family members someday get off this devil's drug. In our minds, we are asking what if we would have done something different, somehow blaming ourselves. The answer is they made that choice to stick that needle in their arm, not us. God bless you all.

On sports pages: Regarding April 6, did The Gazette forget that Wisconsin has another team that's as important as the Badgers, and they won by one run in the 11th inning and only made the fourth page? Wisconsin, sure, but the Huskies and Gators and Maryland's women's team covering the second page, and the Brewers on the fourth page? Come on.

On condoms: The Janesville community has stooped to an all-time low passing out condoms in bars. These guys are 21. Don't you think they should be more educated than that?

On Parkview referendum: Congratulations to the superintendent for realizing his dream of closing the rural schools and building a central campus. Who is going to watch the purse strings on this project?

On fire station: Sunday's Gazette showed a layout of the new station. It shows 12 toilets and 11 dorms; that just doesn't make sense to me. We should not be gold plating a project as important as a new fire station. Cut some of these frivolous things and save some money.


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