Your Views: Columnist David Harsanyi fails in attempt to pin General Motors' woes on Obama

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

David Harsanyi fails in his attempt to blame President Obama for General Motors' ignition/air bag problem and the auto bailout in his April 4 column. Evidently, the President Obama is not an American; is a Muslim extremist; is a Marxist; is a communist; etc. conspiracies are passť, so Harsanyi tries to create a new conspiracy.

Harsanyi's attempt to use facts to fit his theory does not make sense. Harsanyi faults the Obama administration for not taking a hard look at GM concerning the faulty ignition switch/air bag problem in some cars. Harsanyi states, “As early as 2007, NHTS knew there might be problems with air bags but never launched a formal investigation.” Since President Bush was in office in 2007, it would be impossible for the Obama administration to force any investigation.

Harsanyi then derides the auto bailout, saying “Betting $80 billion of someone else's money to prop up sympathetic labor unions isn't exactly fraught with political risk.” However, President Obama showed incredible leadership and political risk with the bailout. That saved hundreds of thousands of jobs at the Big Three (not counting the supplier-related jobs). I found statistics showing that white-collar non-union jobs clearly outnumber those “sympathetic union jobs.”

Harsanyi's attempt to make the GM problem an Obama administration scandal fails, as does his understanding of the positive outcome of the auto bailout.



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