Help for woman distraught over missing husband, financial woes

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Sal Dimiceli | April 8, 2014

Dear W.C.,

This has been a very terrible time for my family. My husband went to visit his family in a far away state due to his father being very ill and never came back. His family said he never got to them. I have no idea where he is. I am only working part-time. He was the main wage earner in our household. I have two beautiful children that will not have clothes or school supplies. Our rent and utilities are a month behind. I have been going to the food pantry. It helps but does not cover all our food and household needs. My job does not cover all our expenses. It has been a nightmare. My main concern is what has happened to my husband, but at the same time I cannot allow my children to become homeless.

Dear Readers,

The visit to this mother was very moving. She was very distraught over the disappearance of the husband she loved. Her children missed the father they loved.
The apartment they lived in was very sparse. The mother explained she had to sell the television, furniture and many of her other items to pay for rent the first two months he was gone. When those items were gone she had sold the car to prevent it from being repossessed and paid off the car loan that was in her name. She only had enough left to purchase a broken down junk she used to drive to work a few days a week.

The mother invited me to sit down in the only chairs left in the apartment, the kitchen chairs. She seemed to feel comfortable talking about her situation with me and I listened attentively. The father had seemed to disappear without a trace halfway to his destination. When he did not call for two days she called the authorities. She knew he would be driving through areas without any cell phone reception so she did not get worried until then. It has been four months with no calls or news of her husband. The wife suspects foul play and the authorities agree with her. All the friends and family interviewed spoke of how much in love the husband and wife were and what a great father he is to the children. 

We went over the budget and outstanding expenses. The rent was reasonable but the mother needed to get a full-time job to support her family. Over the next week the mother was diligently searching for a full-time job. She applied to fifteen different employers. She was so proud when she landed a good job. This helped her and the children to feel a little hope during a very trying time. We helped them to celebrate by bringing their rent up to date and paid one month in advance. We also brought the utilities up to date. We helped the children with clothing and supplies for school. We provided her with a donated vehicle that was in much better shape than the unsafe car she was presently driving. The old car she gave to us had to be sold for scrap.

The mother was in awe of our mission of helping those in need. She kept saying, "I never knew something like The Time Is Now to Help even existed. Who would have thought complete strangers would come to my house and help me and my children like this?" I told her how all of "you" make our mission, right here, possible. How each one of "you" were there with me in spirit at each fellow creation's visit. With that she burst into tears saying, "I have been holding this fear of becoming homeless, along with the sadness of my husband going missing, inside for so long..." She could not go on as she struggled to keep her tears hidden from her children that were sitting on the floor playing in the adjacent room. I consoled her the best way I could by helping to relieve their financial burden by all of "us" removing her fear of homelessness. That seemed to help her calm down again. After we spoke a while longer, and I talked to both the very sweet children, I promised I would be back.

The mother worked very hard at her full-time job. I spoke to her employer and told her I believed this woman had what it took to be a hard-working employee. I knew she had the drive and inspiration to make this job a success. Her motivation to provide for her children was apparent in all our conversations. She was very realistic about what would be required for her family to survive. The employer said she was a hard worker and was very happy to be part of their recovery.

Once the mother and children received our support, and the mother began her job, they were able to adjust to a good budget and live life again. She expressed her overwhelming gratitude to all of "You" for making this possible. 

Together, we will continue to replace the fear, pain and suffering of poverty, with compassion, healing, Caring and sharing with our hearts to change lives. Thank you for helping us achieve God's good works for those in desperate need.

Health & Happiness, God Bless Everyone,


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