Your Views: Affordable Care Act might boost health in Rock County

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I find it very curious, unreasonable, and one-sided that The Gazette opens its editorial of April 6 (“To improve health, county must focus on bad habits, poverty”) with nothing but negative things to say about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Perhaps the Gazette's editorial board should consider the possibility that poverty and the lack of access to good health care and health insurance and low health rankings are related. Perhaps, in fact, the ACA will contribute to improving the health of Rock County citizens who could not afford health insurance in the past. And perhaps Rock County residents might have been able to improve their health even more if Gov. Walker had not refused federal funds to expand Medicaid.

Here's some positive ACA news: a major Gallup survey released April 7 reports that as the ACA initial signup season drew to a close at the end of March, adults without health insurance shrank from 17.1 percent to 15.6 percent. Hmm, I wonder why we Rock County residents “don't use enough preventive health screenings,” as reported in your editorial. Perhaps access to health insurance and health care can improve that number.

Yes, we can all do things to live a more healthy life. And perhaps we should give the ACA a chance to make us a healthier county and a healthier country. Maybe The Gazette should consider a story about that.



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