Steve Knox: Janesville cross shooting disgusting, dangerous

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Steve Knox
Monday, April 7, 2014

Unless you've been hiding under a rock during the past year you are aware of the 60 foot cross that stands on the campus of New Life Assembly of God. It was placed, in part, to further the mission of the church which is to “make Janesville and the area Christ conscious.” Some love it, some appreciate it and others don't care for it at all.

During service last Sunday it was mentioned that they opened up the area for the spring and while doing general clean up they found bullet holes. After further review, eight .22-caliber-sized holes were planted in the cross. What in the world???

I was asked what I thought about the incident and at first I had nothing to say. Was it anger or hatred? It was definitely reckless. Those bullets travel some serious distance. What if they missed? There are residents in the area.

I had a discussion with a few folks close to the church and there are no leads that the police can chase down. The coward vandal succeeded—yet what they succeeded in is not quite clear. I wandered out to the cross on Sunday to take a look for myself. I am just thankful there was no one near the cross at the time of this reckless crime. Four of the right bullets were at eye level. The other four were sprayed about 20 feet up.

It's just head shaking. Did the criminal do it to get a rise? It's a dangerous and illegal “rise.” Thank you New Life for keeping Janesville and the area Christ conscious.

Steve Knox was born and raised in Janesville before landing back in the city later in life. This Generation X guy writes on Janesville and beyond. Steve is a community blogger and is not a part of The Gazette staff. His opinion is not necessarily that of the The Gazette staff or management.

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