Your Views: Does religious view of gay marriage have merit?

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Monday, April 7, 2014

The letter writers invoking God regarding the same-sex marriage controversy are not that persuasive. Sandrita Cherba-Oliphant has a more persuasive argument, arguing for equality and that she and other proponents mean no harm.

Then there are gay activists and academics who are psychotic or psychopathic enough (perhaps they’re born that way) to see same-sex marriage as a way to destroy the traditional family (see Masha Besson on YouTube).

The gay community seems to have different definitions for fidelity, monogamy and tolerance, the latter being one way only or it’s hate speech. If the gay community tries to shut up, censor and fire a formerly gay tenured academic who argues against same-sex marriage after being raised by two lesbians, why should one not believe it’s all a system of lies? They also tried to discredit the Regnerus study documenting the poorer outcomes of children from same-sex households.

I asked a gay law professor if his legal argument for same-sex marriage could also be used to argue for polygamy. He had no answer.

Do children have a right to be raised by a mother and a father, or should that be a secondary consideration?

Maybe the religious view has some merit. Which proponents are more likely to practice the Cardinal Virtues and which the Seven Deadly Sins?



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