Sound Off for Sunday, April 6, 2014

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

On international education: Thank you, Linda Smith, for your letter April 1 on the thoughts regarding the Chinese education plan. I hope the Janesville School Board will get out to the schools and visit. Kevin Murray does a great job listening and representing our community. There are many issues that need addressing in our schools.

--  On Page 1 of Wednesday’s Gazette, Bill Sodemann was disappointed in his vote count. Easy answer—China.

On superintendent’s column: Regarding Monday’s Local Views by Karen Schulte, another fine example of facts mixed up by Schulte. She states that, “Yes Jerry Maguire wanted to see the money,” but it was the character Rod Bidwell who wanted to see the money in the movie “Jerry Maguire.”

On tax cut: When you get your paycheck next week, you might notice it’s a little bigger. You can thank Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans for that. The Democrats wanted to keep your money and spend it for you because they believe government knows best how to spend your money.

On Obamacare: The Obama administration is claiming it got its 7 million people. The only thing we have is their word. They won’t tell us how many have paid, how many duplicate applications they have and how many people were already insured and got kicked off. Obama says the debate is over. That’s convenient when you can’t win the debate.

On school referendums: If you wonder why so many passed Tuesday, it’s because in spring elections only 12 percent of the people vote. That’s why they put referendums on the spring ballot. They can get union members to vote. It doesn’t reflect the will of the people; it’s sneaking it past the people. Referendums should have to be on the ballot in November.

On white privilege: Parents of the Janesville students participating in the conference need to discuss the topics with their children, especially the topic against the tea party led by Leonard Susskind. According to him, the longer you are a member of the tea party, the more racist you become. What about all the different races that are members of the tea party?

 On humane society: Regarding Wednesday’s Our Views, a wonderful editorial. Changing the name to Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin was a great idea, and I hope people will see it as the nonprofit it really is. Kudos to the new direction Brett Frazier is taking the humane society. It’s about time!

On painting parties: An article in the kicks section Thursday is about “Van Gogh and a beer.” My daughter, Valerie Saxer, has been teaching the same type of party for six months. It’s the same thing these people are doing in Philadelphia. I wish you would start giving credit to Janesville people who are doing the same thing.

-- I have been holding paint parties in Janesville since October of last year, and I’d welcome any people from the city or surrounding area to join us. Look it up monettogogh.net.

On coal: The Obama administration wants to get rid of coal. That will mean a loss of jobs, especially in Wisconsin, as well as higher energy costs. How can Gov. Walker encourage job creation in Wisconsin when at every turn the federal government is instituting regulations to stop job growth?

On March 27 column: I would ask Matt Pommer what evidence he has that requiring an ID to vote restricts minority votes. What evidence does he have that limiting absentee voting to 55 hours a week is unfair in Democratic districts but not unfair in Republican districts? Pommer’s columns are always one-sided and biased.

On redistricting: Regarding the stories on 5A and 11B Monday, Democratic activists are sniveling about redistricting. There was no whining about redistricting for the 10 years before when Democrats had the advantage. The reason Democrats are going to get slaughtered this fall has nothing to do with redistricting and everything to do with Obamacare.

On infrastructure: Instead of putting up expensive fire stations and putting money where it isn’t necessary, maybe they should take some of the state surplus and check infrastructure underground, the gas lines. The infrastructure is more important than a glamorous fire station. We could all end up in trouble if our infrastructure breaks down.

On alcohol licenses: How proud are we of Wisconsin being known as the drinking state and our college students as boozers and guzzlers? I don’t think we need alcohol in every establishment in Janesville. We should encourage less drinking, not more.

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