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Best of The Gazette, April 1: Frozen ground, Midwestern breweries and five landscaping tricks

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Andrew Reuter
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Gazette publishes a lot of news in a week. Combine that with all the distractions a weekend brings, and that means there's a good chance you might have missed some important stories. Here's a look at of some of The Gazette's best content from the last week or so:


Frozen ground delays planting, but flood risk normal in Janesville

The harsh winter is leaving its mark in Janesville as the frozen ground will likely delay planting for farmers. But the gradually rising temperatures offered a bit of good news. The slow pace of the thaw is reducing local flood risks.

Commercial construction activity up in Janesville in 2013

Commercial construction—both new buildings and additions—continues to be the driver of the local building industry. That's the takeaway from a review of 2013 permit data from the city of Janesville, which also shows Janesville and Rock County lagged the state and nation in growth in housing starts.


NAHL Commissioner Mark Frankenfeld makes stop in Janesville

Mark Frankenfeld has been the commissioner of the North American Hockey League for more than seven years. Last week, he stopped in town to see the league's Janesville Jets, his first time in the Janesville Ice Arena in several years. Frankenfeld said the league is in a great position, with the possibility of keeping all 24 current teams in the league onboard for the 2014-15 season.

D.S. Pledger: Birds build nests in all shapes, sizes

They come in all sizes, shapes, are made up of a multitude of materials and can be seen high in the treetops or literally on the ground. They're birds nests, and they all do basically what those cardboard cartons that you buy at the grocery store do—protect eggs, Sports columnist D.S. Pledger writes.


Our Views: Rock County is rich in water, but we must not take it for granted

Plentiful water is one more reason Rock County is a great place to live, work and raise families, The Gazette Editorial Board writes. Nevertheless, it's wise to conserve water and reduce pollutants.

Editor's Views: Shifting emphasis of news could attract, shake up readers

If the news industry hopes to attract younger people and make them loyal customers, it might have to focus more on what they consider interesting and important, Gazette Editor Scott Angus writes. The Gazette specifically needs to think about who reads the newspaper and gazettextra.com and who we hope reads them in the future.


New book toasts Midwestern breweries

You raise your glass to life, family, your favorite sports team. But what will you drink? In Wisconsin, you could drink at the brewery that created the nation's first USDA-certified organic beer. In Michigan, you could visit a brewery that stays in business because of a $250,000 mug. Read “Locally Brewed” by Anna Blessing for more ideas.

Cheba Hut's cheeky image belies quality food

It should come as no great surprise that the “counterculture” is alive and well in Madison. One example of its continuing presence here is the recent opening of Cheba Hut downtown. The sandwich restaurant caters to UW-Madison students as well as a laid-back segment of the population that still identifies with hippie culture, restaurant reviewer Bill Livick writes.


Janice Peterson: Five useful landscaping tricks for beginners

Gazette blogger Janice Peterson offers five landscaping tips that should help even the greenest gardener.

Glen Loyd Videos: Striking images of Grand Canyon

Video blogger Glen Loyd puts Arizona and the Grand Canyon on display for those itching to head west on vacation this summer.

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