Your Views: Gary Groelle's professionalism makes him right for Rock County sheriff

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I am writing this letter to encourage the citizens of Rock County to take a look at Gary Groelle for sheriff in the fall elections. My experience with Gary has been one of complete professionalism. His high regard and kindness for everyone he interacts with are commendable. This is a common theme, regardless of whether he is refereeing youth basketball, coaching, volunteering or working with emergency management.

I take endorsing a candidate very seriously. It is important for me to do my due diligence prior to aligning my support behind anyone. I have been impressed with the positive comments shared from folks who spend time with Gary and, also, Gary's collaborative leadership approach to everything he does. His respect for the staff he works with and the people he serves is consistently demonstrated.

I recommend that everyone do their own due diligence in selecting our next sheriff for Rock County. Strongly consider voting for Gary Groelle.



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