Spring 2014 Election

Binnie wins another term as Whitewater District 4 alderperson

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Andrea Anderson
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WHITEWATER—Lynn Binnie plans to tackle stormwater problems that plague certain areas of the city as District 4 alderman.

Binnie was re-elected to his seat Tuesday night, beating Paul Yvarra, a retired UW-Whitewater program coordinator, by 172 votes.

Binnie has been District 4 alderman since 2008, and he looks forward to representing Whitewater for another term.

“I'm certainly very gratified that the constituents of my district were supportive of my reasoning and some of the positions I have taken and support my hopes for Whitewater's future,” Binnie said.

Binnie declared victory while at a reception at a downtown restaurant with his supporters. Among those attending was Jerry Grant, a former Walworth County Board member.

The development and growth of downtown Whitewater are important to Binnie.

He supported a $20,000 contribution in the 2014 budget to downtown. But its development also depends upon business owners and residents frequenting downtown businesses, he said.

Binnie plans to continue balancing the need for student housing and the desire to preserve single-family neighborhoods.

He expects to vote in the upcoming city council meetings on rewriting zoning codes that would assist in housing.  

As for his opponent, Yvarra put up a good fight, Binnie said.

“I would say it was a very hard-fought race, and I would wish him well as a county supervisor.”

Yvarra was uncontested in his bid for the Walworth County Board's District 4 supervisory seat.

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