Spring 2014 Election

Voters say 'no' to trash collection for town of Spring Prairie

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Frank Schultz
Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TOWN OF SPRING PRAIRIE—Town residents will not be getting town-provided trash collection anytime soon.

Voters said “no” to the idea by a slim margin Tuesday. Only 15 votes separated those in favor of the town providing the service from those opposed to it.

The referendum was advisory, but the town board had promised to go with the will of the majority, town board Supervisor Tom Bolfert said.

“We told them right up front that we would bow to the will of the majority,” even if it were a majority of just one vote, Bolfert said Tuesday night.

“Everyone will have to contract individually, like they're doing now. So if that's what they want, that's fine with us. We bow to the will of the people,” Bolfert said.

Bolfert said he does not foresee a similar referendum returning in the near future.

“Maybe in a few years we do it again and maybe explain it differently,” Bolfert said.

Some residents who talked to Bolfert on Tuesday told him they prefer the current service, with ASDA Enterprises.

“Most people were afraid they were going to lose that local provider, which they like,” Bolfert said.

Had the town collection passed, the town would have had to put the service out for bids, and residents could not be assured that ASDA would continue to serve them, Bolfert said.

Sentiments both for and against town trash collection was said to be strong going into Tuesday's vote.

Bolfert told The Gazette before the vote that some residents who burn their trash preferred to continue to do so and didn't want the government-provided service.

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