Your Views: Oust illegal immigrants only if farmers don’t need them

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Monday, March 31, 2014

The immigration problem is heating up again. Come to think of it, has there ever been a time when it was cooling down?

If the crop of a California farmer is rotting in the field and the farmer finds it hard to hire a “regular” American (native-born, English-speaking) even for $20 an hour because farm work is back-breaking, and if 1,000 illegal Mexican workers are desperately waiting outside the farm to work for $5 an hour, and if the farmer cannot decide whom to hire, he should go to the nearest psychiatric hospital to get his head examined.

If you expel illegal immigrants or stop illegal immigration, there will be a revolution in the country, not from the illegals—because they don’t have power anyway—but from those who benefit from cheap labor provided by the helpless and the hopeless.

Remember Zoe Baird and Bernard Kerik, the two high-profile hypocrites? Not to be outdone by his American counterparts, Mark Harper, the cabinet minister of the United Kingdom who opposed illegal immigration for years, has been found to have an illegal working for him. I don’t mind if all the illegals are deported to the “heavens” they came from, but please leave two of them behind. I need their help to work in my garden at $1 an hour!

Imagine a Native American Indian chief telling President Obama “Mr. President, be careful about your immigration policy. We were not careful once, and you know what happened!”



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