Your Views: Chinese education plan raises lots of concerns

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Monday, March 31, 2014

With our school administrators wanting to promote the study of China and its culture, I have a few questions.

Will our students be told that China is a communist country? Will they be told how thousands of American jobs have been moved there to take advantage of the low pay and unhealthy working conditions? Will they be told about the limits on family size that leads to thousands of girl babies being killed, abandoned or aborted because the parents want sons to care of them in their old age?

We are told of the changes in the large, modern cities, but that is a very small percent of how most live. Famous film director Zhang Yimou and his wife recently paid $1.2 million in fines for violating China’s family planning rules. How many families making a few dollars a day can do that? The Yimous had three children! Chinese New Year may be of interest to some, but I am more concerned about the baby that gets murdered at birth or left to die because its family exceeded its “quota.”

Janesville needs to put our children first, spend our tax dollars on teachers and make sure the wants of a few do not overshadow what is in the best interests of the students in Janesville. Will the money spent on the Chinese program really benefit the majority of Janesville students? We need to ask questions and demand answers from our school administrators.



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