Sound Off for Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Monday, March 31, 2014

On poverty: Regarding Page 2A March 23, “The perils of Paul,” it's interesting when political people don't want to work on society's problems. They use race as the answer. Paul Ryan, keep it up. There is more than one race with these problems, and they need help on how to improve their lifestyles through accomplishments and responsibility.

-- I attended Ryan's session in Milton. Ryan discussed fracking for oil and natural gas and how Social Security is the cause for our national debt. At no time did he ask for solutions.

-- Why are we sending money to other countries when our United States has poverty all over? Why don't we take care of our own?

On white privilege: Most of us are enlightened after years of civil rights awareness. If some are still biased, then this conference (Page 3A, Tuesday) won't change their minds. A more positive solution would be to offer a conference to struggling nonwhite students centering on study habits and how to ask for and receive supplemental help from teachers.

-- Another way to keep racism alive is by having this conference. Focus is on everything but education of these young people.

On Parkview referendum: Taxpayers, do your homework. Housing and the economy are not stable, and gas prices keep going up. Think factually, not emotionally. Vote “no.”

-- All the buildings have been inspected by expert people and do not meet building codes. They need repairs badly. If the district were dissolved, where would your kids go to school? You would not know.

On Watson plan: Kudos to Janesville's new city manager for taking a look and realizing that people are not in favor of 1,500 acres of farmland being desecrated by something that's that big. Watson will put a gravel pit there eventually, and that will just destroy the land.

-- It takes entrepreneurs like Bill Watson, Jeff Helgesen, Diane Hendricks and others to invest big money into big ideas to grow jobs. Stop waiting on government to get the job done. It's government rules on annexation and zoning and neighbors who use those rules to bully politicians that prevent manufacturing jobs from locating next to I-90.

On tax cut: Page 2A Tuesday on Walker's tax cut says, “Legislative victory used as way to raise money for campaign.” So you see the story is not about the fact that Gov. Walker's policies have worked and he created a $1 billion surplus and is giving it back to the people—the story is that he's going to use this as a campaign issue.

-- The AP story says the surplus is realized because of good economic news. If that's the case, then I guess all the other states around us have big surpluses to hand out, too, right? No, I believe Illinois is billions in debt. It's not the economy; it's Walker's policies that have created a $1 billion surplus.

On Burke vs. Walker: Mary Burke's first ad was riddled with misinformation. She's at it again (Page 1A Wednesday). Gov. Walker said he would create 250,000 jobs. We have a president whose policies have put a wet blanket over our economy and a union that has been throwing a hissy fit in this state for years. Creating 100,000 is pretty darn good for Walker.

-- Burke's plan to create jobs is to increase the number of college graduates. We have plenty of unemployed college graduates now. What we need are jobs. Every time we increase funding for tuition, colleges simply raise tuition. Wasn't it the university that we just discovered had $1 billion in surplus it was hiding?

-- If you are a college dropout, you can't be head basketball coach at the University of Florida. Sad thing is you can be a college dropout and be governor of Wisconsin.

On water supply: Wake up, Gazette. Water that runs down a drain is not wasted. It flows through a wastewater treatment plant or septic system and back to the river or ground. What goes down the drain figuratively is the money paid for the water. So, Gazette editors, simply save as much water and money as possible.

On UW football coach: Gary Andersen received a large raise after his first year and had four losses. If he was coaching for one of the elite schools like Alabama, after four losses he would get a pink slip. That's the difference between the Big Ten's program and the elite.

On drunken drivers: Fines and jail are not working. Why can't vehicles be impounded? I've never heard of a drunk pedestrian killing anyone. Let drunks walk for six to 12 months.

On police pursuit: Police crashing into a runaway car (Page 1A Thursday) instead of letting it run out of gas is beyond stupid, wasteful and foolishly dangerous plus costly.


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