Your Views: State shouldn't be returning surplus to taxpayers

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

An article in The Gazette stated Wisconsin has lost 9,000 college-educated residents ages 21-29 in each of the last five years. We don't need this brain drain.

Blackhawk Technical College is cutting 11 positions and making other cuts (Page 1A, March 19). Now Gov. Walker is allotting funds to technical schools. Too little, too late.

Gov. Walker has signed a bill stating that if one spouse goes into a nursing home and uses up 50 percent of the couple's assets and goes on assistance, upon the death of the remaining spouse, the estate would be liable for the bill.

If some of the surplus is coming from this bill, tuition assistance, BadgerCare, etc., I don't want to see a surplus.

Give the surplus to counties and townships for road maintenance. This has been a brutal winter, and they can use it. They are over budget for snow plowing, road salt, etc.

I wonder if Gov. Walker has ever feasted on ramen noodles like a lot of college students and low-income people.



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