Your Views: Urge Congress to support Medicare Advantage

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

It is not right that our government sends billions of dollars to other countries while people are suffering right here in America. I’m concerned by the cuts that have already been made to the Medicare Advantage program and by the impact they have on seniors’ health care. Politicians in Washington, D.C., have a responsibility to help their senior constituency. If more people speak up and help them see the importance of Medicare Advantage, hopefully they will prevent future cuts to this program.

My wife and I receive our Medicare Advantage coverage through Humana. Our granddaughter works for that company, and she showed us that Humana had the best plan for our needs. Like the millions of other Americans with Advantage plans, we appreciate the low out-of-pocket expenses and comprehensive coverage. We get to see a doctor whom we like and trust, and at about $15, the co-pays for office visits are more than reasonable. We even receive extra benefits such as dental coverage.

With cuts related to the new health care reform law already being rolled out, seniors with Medicare Advantage plans are encountering higher premiums and co-pays along with fewer benefits. This creates a real burden. Many senior citizens must deal with serious medical conditions while struggling to get by in these challenging times. The government should be helping instead of making cuts to health care programs. We all need to take a moment to contact our congressional representatives and voice our support for Medicare Advantage.



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