Local humane society changes its name to emphasize it's not a government agency

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Shelly Birkelo
Friday, March 28, 2014

JANESVILLE—The local humane society has a new name, logo and website.

It now operates as the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin to more accurately reflect the animal shelter's nonprofit status, said Brett Frazier, executive director.

"We don't want people to think we're a government body. We're not. There also is a misconception we receive tax dollars. We don't," he said.

The announcement was made to staff, board members, volunteers, donors and the media during an invitation-only brand launch event Friday at its facility, 222 S. Arch St.

The local humane society is not limited to serving only animals and people within Rock County, Frazier said.

"We need to make it abundantly clear it does not matter where you live in terms of animal intake and adoption," he said.

The redesigned website petsgohome.org is modern, inviting and colorful.

"It definitely looks different and indicates what we do here," Frazier said.

New logos are highlighted on the website that feature icons of:

-- Whiskers to represent kittens and cats.

-- A dog bone to symbolize dogs and puppies.

-- A house to illustrate the shelter's goal and new tag line of helping pets go home again.

-- A heart that stands for compassion for the pets and people the shelter serves.

The humane society invested more than $10,000 to hire a Delavan company to overhaul its website. The branding process, materials and design cost another $2,000, Frazier said.

The changes are a continuation of the humane society's ongoing process of refocusing the organization to serve the pets and people of the community, Frazier said.

"There's so much that went into making this change organizationally and operationally. I think people will really, even more than they already do, feel a positive change in who we are," he said.

However, Frazier was quick to point out the humane society's focus and mission will not change.

"We'll always be committed to helping lost and homeless pets get home, and the care and compassion we offer pets will remain the same," he said. "All we're changing is a bit of the package and becoming a much more welcoming and friendly facility."

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