Janesville Internet radio group eyes FM dial

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Jim Leute
Friday, March 28, 2014

JANESVILLE—A community radio club has a new home and a new lineup of Internet shows, precursors to low-power FM broadcasting station sometime in the next 18 months.

The Federal Communications Commission in January issued a license to the nonprofit United Arts Alliance for the station at 103.5 on the FM dial, said Yuri Rashkin, president of the Janesville Community Radio Podcasters Club.

Now located in My Office-JVL Business Center at 321 E. Milwaukee St., the club is now offering Internet-only programming that Rashkin said will boost community awareness about a variety of topics.

“The content is very diversified with local hosts and a wide range of guests being interviewed,” Rashkin said. “These podcasts are created with much heart and soul from the broadcasters.

“Our hosts' content will make radio uniquely personal to local listeners,” he said.

Rashkin said the Internet programming is an effort to perfect systems before transitioning to FM broadcasting.

"This will be a community asset for years to come, and we want to get it right," he said.

The FCC created low-power FM radio service in 2000. It is authorized for noncommercial educational broadcasting only and carries an effective service range of about 3.5 miles.

Rashkin said last fall's license application required a nonprofit organization, and the arts alliance signed on in support.

The license requires low-power stations to broadcast at least eight hours a day on weekdays.

That's why the club is working now to establish its content and technological procedures, Rashkin said.

He said the next step is a business model for the station, as well as an operating budget and plan for acquiring broadcasting equipment.

Rashkin said reception to the club's Internet broadcasts and podcasts has been positive, but it will take time to get word out about the programming and develop a consistent following.

“We're excited for the possibilities, but it takes time to grow,” he said.

Shows will feature local music, call-in opportunities and interviews with local guests.

“It takes a talented group of volunteers to create this new club, and we're very proud of the people who will bring JCR podcasts to local residents and the world via the web,” Rashkin said. “We've gathered people from within Rock County, bright new voices in the community to create a unique formats and a unique sound.”

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