Sound Off for Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On liquor licenses: Your Sunday article tells the tale of two different councilmen. Brian Fitzgerald does not know the facts, and it was very clear he doesn't know who has liquor licenses. He clearly is a one-issue councilman. Thank you, Matt Kealy, for having a head on your shoulders.

-- You have to wonder if Fitzgerald is aware Wal-Mart and Pick 'n Save already sell liquor. If he was a little more aware of the real world around him, he would also know that neither of those stores has prices as low as some local stores.

On immigrants: Regarding “Dreamer expresses frustration” (Page 1A, Thursday), many things frustrate me. My husband was a veteran; my two daughters have to work very hard to get their college education without asking for federal aid. If Cindy Tellez wants to become a doctor, why not go to her parents? I wonder if her parents were in the service or paid their dues the way the rest of us have here.

-- If Tellez was brought into the state illegally and stayed illegally, thousands of Mexicans in Mexico would be very happy to be here like she is. I want to compliment her on her work ethic in trying to get ahead, but the United States can only do so much. We're trillions of dollars in debt as it is. I would think she should be happy just being able to stay here.

On scheduling conflict: Craig and Marshall schools scheduled their choir concerts on the same night. There's just nothing better for a parent than having to decide which one of your kids' programs you want to attend. Way to go.

On Ukraine crisis: The way to stop Vladimir Putin without putting U.S. military boots on the ground is arm the next group he intends to overthrow. It may not defeat him, but he will pay a high price in blood and treasure. Our president was talking about gutting our military to the lowest level since WWII. Doesn't seem like a real brilliant idea anymore, does it?

-- Do we really want a war against Russia? The United States hasn't won a war since WWII. What makes us think we are going to beat Russia? It could be the beginning of WWIII with nuclear weapons.

On Stage One show: “Tuesdays with Morrie” at JPAC was so well done, well directed with excellent actors. It was performed without intermission and in a place with great sight lines and easy to hear and understand. Excellent play, popular book. Excellent choice for theater here in Janesville.

On Watson project: Thank you, Janesville, for being concise, informative, up front and making the correct decision, contrary to what the townships and the city of Milton have appeared to do. Milton officials acted more like school girls over a rock star than looking at the whole situation.

-- Would either of the callers in Sunday's Sound Off want to live next to that proposal? There's a wrong and right way to go about development. Destroying 1,500 acres of valuable farmland in the name of progress is the wrong way. The right way would be using the numerous industrial areas already in existence.

-- As a taxpayer, I don't want to pay for a water system and all that. I don't believe that Bill Watson and Jeff Helgesen have anything lined up. He could use the Highway 11 bypass if he has a lot of companies in mind.

On boarded-up building: They need to change the plywood at the Monterey Hotel. It might make it look a little better.

On Brewers dog: I want to welcome Hank, the newest member of the Brew Crew, to Wisconsin. I congratulate the Brewers for their support of the humane society and their efforts in making everyone aware of all the other Hanks in shelters around Wisconsin. I hope these efforts go a long way in helping all homeless animals find loving, forever homes.

On good Samaritans: Thank you to the kind woman and man who helped me up when I fell Saturday by the Goodwill curb. We have very kind people in Janesville.

On fire department: A caller in Sunday's Sound Off wants to see firefighter compensation so we can see costs versus value. Only somebody from Janesville could make such a statement. What's the value of a life, a home or anything else? be open-minded, people.

On job creation: I called the DNR with a question on getting a license and found that work had been outsourced to a company in Tennessee. There must be people in Wisconsin who could do this work and help to create the jobs Gov. Walker promised.

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