Your Views: Vote to help stem outflow of teachers from Janesville district

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Upcoming school board elections serve as a chance for the public to support the direction of the Janesville schools or demand change.

Based on reports I've received from many building representatives, I estimate that more than 70 percent of the 64 teachers who have resigned from the 2013-14 year in Janesville are teaching in other districts—Beloit, Sun Prairie, Whitewater, Madison, Fort Atkinson and others.

 Sixty-four resignations are nearly triple the 24 who resigned 2012-13.

 Names, with effective date, board packet dates and positions are available on the district website. In an era when data are demanded to prove accountability, this information is compelling. Resignation of nearly 10 percent of the teaching staff, averaging six years of experience, is a tremendous loss to students. Add in the 35 retirements, averaging 23 years of experience, and the number of teachers lost in 2013-14 comes to 99 positions to fill, with an average loss of 12 years of experience. Members of the school board have lists of resignations as part of board packets; however, cumulative data regarding how many teachers are leaving Janesville are not presented.

Bill Sodemann and Diane Eyers seem to believe that the Janesville School District is moving in the “right direction.”

Dale Thompson, Kevin Murray and Fred Jackson recognize the significance of this loss and wish to bring healing to the district. I have already voted for these three. I urge every citizen who is concerned about the drain of professionals from our district to speak out by voting likewise April 1.



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