Your Views: Only responsible vote in Parkview School District is ‘no’

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A 30 percent increase in school property taxes for 20 years does not build community. What it does is further stress people who are still trying to crawl out of a recession, people whose real incomes have dropped, whose home equity has eroded, whose pension funds have been slashed. It has been reported that one in six people in our community face hunger, that our area’s unemployment rate remains highest in the state.

This is not a time to borrow and build. This is a time to realize that excessive borrowing is irresponsible and leads not to economic growth but economic disaster. This is the time to learn to live within our means, struggle to balance our budgets. For Parkview School District property taxpayers, only a “no” vote is economically responsible. Anything else encumbers our homes, farms and businesses for 20 years into economic uncertainty.

Parkview kids will not “suffer” from a “no” vote. The school buildings are older but structurally sound, adequate and actually less crowded than they’ve been for past generations of students. These buildings can be upgraded and maintained once they are no longer being held hostage by hopes for building anew. Parkview has an enviable 14:1 student-to-teacher ratio— unheard of back in the days when “someone paid for your education.”

For some people, a small rural school district will never meet their needs—especially one living within its means. And that’s OK. That’s what school choice is all about.

Vote “no.”


Plymouth Township

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