Your Views: Janesville firefighters show great care in serving family hit by fire

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Late Thursday night, March 13, my family experienced a house fire. The Janesville Fire Department responded quickly and efficiently. My family would like to express our gratitude to those who responded and aided us in our time of crisis.

A short time after a 911 call was placed, emergency crews arrived and began putting out the fire. After the firefighters put out the fire, we were allowed back in for a few personal items. One of the first things I noticed upon entering our smoky home was our wedding photo lying on the kitchen table. Not only had the firefighters extinguished the fire, but they had saved an irreplaceable personal item while a fire raged on the other side of the wall. A purse and jewelry box were also moved away from the fire.

The professionalism in fighting the fire and care put into saving our personal items are beyond anything we had hoped for. We are forever grateful, as are our family and friends.

Our emergency crews deserve recognition for their excellent work, professionalism and care, a great service that should never go overlooked. Thank you.



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