Your Views: Let’s unite April 1, build strong Parkview School District community

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Parkview High School was built in 1964, and, as with any 50-year-old, high-traffic building, many features have become unsafe and out of date, creating inadequate conditions.

Several rooms flood during rainy and snowy weather, and bathrooms in all buildings are not compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. The buildings have had evacuations due to gas leaks because of the insufficient furnace system. The junior high gym is a safety hazard with condensation problems. Once, an opposing team refused to play in such unsafe conditions. The entryways, cafeteria, gym, LMC (library), music rooms and numerous classrooms are too small and need improvement.

As with any decision, people should base their vote on facts. A referendum is a community development, and passions can run high but do not always reflect accurate information. Erroneous and negative information has circulated in an attempt to sway opinions. The purpose of this letter is not to misguide but to inform the public where to find the facts.


The school website is very user friendly and outlines details of the referendum, answering over 50 frequently asked questions regarding general information, voting details, operation and facility questions and supplying proposed building images and more.

The Parkview School Board, administration, Parkview YES committee and our dedicated district members should be applauded for their work toward a brighter future. Let’s join together and create a stronger community by supporting our Parkview students and vote “yes” on April 1.



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