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Friday, March 21, 2014


On Orfordville feed business expanding: Good news for Orfordville. Nice to see this type of expansion. Good luck.

-- hdonlybob

On mobile vendors: Great food! Great service! Local ingredients! Independent business! NOT a franchise! Don't knock it till you try it!

-- marilyn bird

-- Janesville should be supporting local businesses! Not making it difficult for them to operate. I personally had a great experience when I tried the South Padre Seafood truck.

-- Zipperlb

-- Janesville needs to bend on this one and make its own rules. It’s difficult to compare Janesville to Whitewater (a college town) and Milton, whose business owners would rather see a Taco Bell in their town than a guy selling a dozen burritos out of a truck.

-- new user

-- Get with it, Janesville. Food trucks have been around for decades, all over the world. They serve a niche, and they have evolved to really serve up some great food. Ever watch the Food Network?

-- Solo_Voce

-- I miss Mr. Softee!

-- Joe From Wisconsin

-- This is a bunch of bogus rubbish. Let these self-made entrepreneurs alone. They are providing a service that obviously has a market. Janesville has a lot more issues to be messing with than these folks. As far as the local businesses crying, hey you afraid of some honest competition for some really great food? Buy your own mobile truck if you don't like it.

-- hdonlybob

On Blackhawk Tech job cuts: Seems strange that the same day (Gov.) Walker stops for a “photo op” to look like he’s doing wonderful things for BTC and Wisconsin education, in another room BTC’s human resources director is announcing elimination of 11 positions as a result of Walker’s “landmark” and education-destroying ACT 10 legislation. Something doesn’t add up here.

-- sabreman

-- If Blackhawk Tech enrollment is dropping, it makes sense that positions are eliminated. How many administrative positions were added during the enrollment peak the GM plant closing caused, that now need to be cut back to pre 2008/09 levels?

-- philosophyofliberty

-- “No program or course of study is being eliminated, Gohlke said.” This sentence is the crucial part of the article. Good for BTC in cutting what is NOT needed.

-- wislady

On Evansville teachers want pay spread out: And these people teach kids! LOL they are not smart enough to budget their money? What a joke.

-- 6824

-- “…Or push people into higher tax brackets, she said.” That makes no sense. Their yearly pay is the same.

-- Turkeyman

-- You two are pathetic. Teachers are the least issue to be concerned with. Heck, without them caring about educating Turkey and 6824, where would they be today? Saying “thank you very much” would be far more appropriate.

-- bettyboop

-- To the school board members that voted for the teachers, whom do you work for?

-- Evansville District

On council’s closed meeting about fire station: Legal or not? I don’t know, but shady and underhanded? Yes!

-- Truthtelller

-- This project seems to be on the fast track. There are numerous empty buildings in Janesville, and I do not believe alternative locations have been thoroughly considered instead of knocking down homes. It appears as if the decision was made long before the story hit the front page.

-- wislady

-- Remodel the station on Milton Avenue, then build two more smaller stations where growth is projected, mainly west and south. Man them with small crews, that’s all you need. … Janesville Fire Department seems to be very disorganized.

-- Oldtimer


To Greg Peck: If there is a St. Patrick’s Day parade, I hope it doesn’t come past our place. Having to deal with the people who trash our property every Labor Day is bad enough.

-- Solo_Voce

-- There was a special St. Patrick’s Day Mass at St. Patrick’s Church today (Monday). Not all celebrations are in the bar.

-- Experienced

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