Sound Off for Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

On fire station: I’d like to thank The Gazette for outing the city council on the way it determined where this fire station would be and what properties the city would take. It is not the way the council is supposed to do business. I agree with Matt Kealy; we should just renovate this station. Everything is moving north. Maybe this should be up for referendum.

-- I’m wondering why the city couldn’t build the main station on the old baseball park on Woodman Road or in about the 800 block of Black Bridge Road in a wooded area where the city already owns that property. If they need better coverage in downtown, convert the current main station to a substation similar to others they have around town.

-- The city attorney should be held accountable for not following the open meetings law (Page 1A, Friday). Maybe they should replace this gentleman if he doesn’t know what the laws are. Councilman Matt Kealy made a comment saying he didn’t even think about it if it was illegal or not. This gentleman should not be re-elected.

-- Instead of having so many bays at station No. 1, maybe they could add a bay at the station on Joliet or the station on Milwaukee Street that maybe has more room. Of if they need room, instead of just going two levels high at station No. 1, put a dormitory on a third level and the dining area on the second floor with offices.

-- After watching the March 10 meeting, reading newspaper articles and listening to Fire Chief Jensen on the radio, it is obvious that neither Jensen nor councilmembers Voskuil and Liebert have any interest in listening to what citizens have to say. These three are closed-minded and determined to get their way no matter who may be hurt in the process.

On city: Last Wednesday’s Gazette told of poverty growth in Janesville. Our glory days are behind us, but still our city is building a palatial bus garage and wants to spend almost $10 million to replace a fire station. Make do with it like they did the ice arena. Use the soon-to-be-vacant bus garage for storage.

On Parker-Craig girls game: I thought it was a very well-fought game. Two things are bothering me. One, can we pay and get some new light bulbs in the Craig gym? It was so dark in there you could hardly see. Second, maybe you could train the announcer to not be talking on the microphone when girls or boys are at the free throw line waiting to shoot.

On train stunt: At 6 p.m. last Thursday, a long freight train was going through at Jackson Street. Two lads, maybe age 15, would grab the ladder on a freight car and ride it across the two lanes of traffic, then drop off. They would walk back and grab another ladder and ride across. I was horrified when I saw that. Don’t they realize how dangerous that is?

On unemployment: A brief on Friday said “State unemployment rate drops to 6.1 percent.” Darn it, if this keeps up, Scott Walker is going to get re-elected. I’ve got an idea; let’s raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. That will stop it.

On columnist: I’ve lived in Janesville all my life and wish Charles Krauthammer would run for president and of an Independent Party. He will certainly get my vote.

On Ryan: Saturday’s front page says “Ryan stumbles in poverty debate.” Paul Ryan didn’t stumble on anything. He merely told the truth, and Democrats took the occasion to call him a racist, which is no big surprise, since when you look up “racist” in the dictionary, it says anyone who disagrees with the Democratic Party.

-- Ryan is known to admire the writings and beliefs of the Russian atheist Ayn Rand, who abhors the idea of aiding the poor and feeding the helpless children. Hence Ryan’s preference to eliminate the Head Start program and the free and reduced-price school lunches, which he believes give children a full belly and an empty soul.

On bias: Sunday’s PolitiFact with a big headline and picture of Scott Walker says claims of a surplus are mostly false (Page 6A). You read it and find out it’s a positive Walker article, pointing out lies of his critics. But the 75 percent of the people who don’t read the article assume Walker is lying about the surplus.

On good Samaritan: On Tuesday, March 11, I was in the Pine Tree lot, trying to lift a heavy box of a humidifier into my car without success. A gentleman in a pickup stopped to help me. I thanked him for being my angel that day and plan to pass it on.


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