Your Views: Federal aid good for Rep. Paul Ryan, but it’s bad for you and me

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Paul Ryan has announced he’s having 1st District “listening sessions on poverty,” or is that his new code name for his concern about his “constituents depending on government programs”—i.e., Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, V.A. benefits, food stamps, farm subsidies, unemployment benefits, etc.

Ryan takes great pride in extolling his Jeffersonian “rugged individualist” philosophy, similar to the lifestyle of Henry David Thoreau on Walden Pond. Living off the land was necessary then, but try doing it today and you’ll probably end up in jail. However, in Paul Ryan’s world, people today can make it on their own without any type of governmental programs.

The problem with that thinking is that Ryan doesn’t apply this theory to his own life. Ryan has received 15 continuous years of federal paychecks rising from $136,700 to $174,000 annually, in addition to collecting three years of Social Security Entitlement payments while attending Janesville Craig High School. Ryan believes his dependency on the government payroll is good for him, but it’s bad for you and me. Is Ryan worried about our “poverty” or our “dependency”? Ryan’s voting record clearly fears for “your dependency,” not “your poverty.”



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