Your Views: Why Wisconsin should stick with Common Core education standards

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Monday, March 17, 2014

On Thursday I watched the Senate debate SB 619 on WisconsinEye. This bill would repeal the Common Core standards for public education that were enacted recently by Wisconsin and 44 other states. SB 619 would create a Wisconsin “Model Academic Standards Board.” Common Core standards were enacted with the aim of equalizing student outcomes for grades K-12, so students would be ready for careers or college at graduation. Common Core requires students to meet certain goals along the continuum but gives teachers latitude in selecting the curriculum to achieve these goals.

It seems our Wisconsin Legislature believes that the federal government has intruded upon our “states rights,” and thus has come up with SB 619. The new board would be composed of only Wisconsin citizens. The outlook would be more narrow-minded or provincial. I oppose SB 619 because it would impose educational standards that could be manipulated by political factions and that are not consistent with national expectations for public education.

 Our public schools and teachers have been under attack, while privatized education has been increasing. This trend increases inequality between the more wealthy and the less wealthy. We need standards, but they need to be flexible, and not rate/rank students for success or failure. Each child has value and should be educated to ensure the best chance for a good life.



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