Your Views: Reducing U.S. military would be foolish move

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Monday, March 17, 2014

President Obama and Congress are making a very stupid move by reducing our military while Russia is rebuilding its military, Iran is going nuclear and China is increasing military spending another 12 percent. North Korea has more than 1.2 million men under arms. These countries are not building their militaries for parade duty.

By 2016, Obama wants to cut our military to pre-Pearl Harbor size. These cutbacks remind me of the days Japan declared war on America and our military had to go into overdrive and fight with outdated equipment and lack of manpower. By Japan out-gunning our troops in the Pacific Islands, we lost thousands of men. Hitler went wild in Europe, overrunning country after country. He was prepared.

In the five years between World War II and the attack on South Korea, again our government cut back on our military. Result: North Korea pushed our troops that were sent from Japan, along with the South Korean Army, clear down to Pusan, having a front of only 80 some miles.

Obama and Congress must stop all this foreign aid and keep America strong. Also stop advising all our enemies of what we are planning. Surprise can be an asset in any confrontation. President Obama, it will not be you or our lazy Congress on the firing line. Take care of our military men and women.



Korean War veteran


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