Your Views: George Brunner cares about city of Janesville and deserves your vote

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Monday, March 17, 2014

It was my honor and privilege to serve with George Brunner on the Janesville City Council. During my tenure, I can tell you there wasn't a council member more prepared and more dedicated than George Brunner.

George served for the love of Janesville. He always went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure he was well-prepared to discuss and deliberate all the matters before they came to the council. He always gave each and every citizen who came to talk to the council his undivided attention. While we may not have always agreed on issues, I had the utmost respect for him. I can assure you he voted on issues having the best interests of Janesville at heart.

I am aware of what happened several years ago. I know George well enough that he regrets the whole incident. He sincerely apologized. I assure you that there is no better husband, father, grandfather and human being around than George Brunner. He is deserving of your vote.



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