Sound Off for Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On fire station: I can't see how a city can take away these people's homes. Maybe they don't cost as much as a millionaire's home, but they are just as important to these people as they would be to a millionaire. I hope they don't move along with this and people get put out of their homes needlessly.

--  That fire station has been there for so many years, and it has served the city well right there. Why do we need a $9.5 million facility? I can't believe it.

-- Folks, times are tough, but our council and ruling chiefs don't care what you think, one big project after another. You're going to get an expensive fire station shoved down your throat whether you like it or not. You're only needed to pay for it. Just remodel Station No. 1 station and put the extra equipment and training center where there are spaces available.

On sidewalks: Half the people in Janesville have nothing but ice-covered sidewalks. I walk a lot. I'm 52 years old, and my hips aren't that good. When I was a kid, it snowed, and you shoveled. You didn't wait for it to melt. Quit being lazy.

On hospital care: Regarding Page 1A March 2, when you enter Mercy Hospital, you have to know you will be safe and receive good care. The staff must work together in the best interests of patients. This is from the hospital, doctors and all staff. There cannot be one mistake made. You need a more caring staff and more help so each person can do a better job.

-- Regarding Friday's editorial, well, we sure know who the favorite Gazette child is in this city. Mercy has spent millions all over and still cannot put an electric turn-style type door at the entrance of Mercy East. That is unforgivable. The thing is so hard to move, especially when you don't feel good or you can't walk right. They need to do that.

On train delay: After waiting 17 minutes for a train to cross at Kennedy and Highway 14 one recent night, I'm for looking for an overpass rather than a new fire station. This is becoming quite troublesome, and it isn't just a one-shot situation.

On rough road: A great candidate for worst road in Rock County is County F from Highway 14 to Indianford. A good example of the failure of the patch-and-pray philosophy of road maintenance. Wait until that 5 feet of frost works its way out. The fix will again be to spread a half load of hot mix and put up the “Rough Road” signs. Ah, my taxes hard at work.

On governor's race: Scott Walker wants Mary Burke to take responsibility for Gov. Doyle's record, yet he won't take responsibility for his own staff, which did illegal activity during campaigns. It's old news, according to Walker.

On new Meijer grocery store: Great, have them move into the old Menards building. That would be the ideal spot. No waste of land, excess empty buildings, and no need for new buildings.

-- Do we need another supercenter? No, probably not. We have Wal-Mart, and I think that's enough. As far as shopping, I want my dollars to stay locally in Janesville so I will continue shopping at Woodman's and K&W Greenery. I don't want my money to go to Arkansas or Grand Rapids, Mich.

On Parkview referendum: A Sound Off caller in Sunday's paper said if the referendum passes, people will come. I don't think so. Just the opposite will occur. People will leave, and property values will go down.

On poverty: A Sunday Sound Off suggested Paul Ryan doesn't know the meaning of empathy. After 50 years of the War on Poverty, there are still just as many poor, maybe more. Empathy is not measured by how much money is spent. Look at the results. Welfare discourages people from looking for work. He's right. That's why we keep voting him into office.

On car theft with baby: A car left running with a baby inside it was stolen while the mother went inside a BP gas station in Milwaukee. Planet Earth calling irresponsible car owners, come in please.

On Janesville water utility: Those prices went up dramatically, and the itemized billing is worse than a hospital billing.

On tax cuts: A letter to the editor says Scott Walker is promising a free lunch with tax cuts. Excuse me, it's not the Republican Party that's been buying votes for the last 50 years with promises of a free lunch; that would be the Democratic Party. States that are run by Democrats are swimming in red ink. States run by Republicans are completely different.

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