Your Views: Watson project would disrupt country living

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Mr. Bill Watson, please let us tell you a bit about who we are that oppose your proposed development.

We recently built our home on 118 acres on Kidder Road. This land has been in the Becker family since 1896. (A bit longer than the 60 years you’ve had Mulder Farms.) We hope our two young children continue to live and farm the land as the family has done for many years. Daily we have wildlife in our backyard and enjoy the peace and quiet that come with country living. What happens to that when an industrial park or gravel pit goes in?

You stated that this would be a very large-scale project funded by you and your investors and that if they put the money up then they take the loss if things don’t work. Financially you take the loss, but the community gets hit the hardest. You can write it off as a bad investment and go back to California. Meanwhile, the community then tries to figure out what to do with whatever remains. Thousands of acres of farmland will be lost, along with the history and many family traditions. So who really loses in the end?

All we ask is that our children be given chances to enjoy the country living like your wife did when the Mulders moved from Janesville to County M. We don’t believe they can do that with an industrial park so close to our farm.



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