Your Views: Gov. Walker likes union of commerce and its money

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Gov. Walker has shown us that he dislikes unions. That is, labor unions. However, there seems to be a union that he likes very much.

This union seems to have Gov. Walker in its back pocket, so to speak, because it is willing to donate thousands and thousands of dollars to keep him in office. Evidently this organization will not even admit that it is a union because it will only call itself the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

Yes, this group is the definition of a union—a group of individuals or organizations banding together to improve their situations and/or bargaining power. Perhaps we had better keep this information from Gov. Walker and his Republican cronies or they may very well hamstring this union like they did the labor unions.

No, Gov. Walker is much too smart. He would never cut off this pipeline of campaign funding for him and his wealthy buddies.

The only way to stop his attack on the working folks is to vote these greedy people out of office. If we allow money to continue buying our legislators, we may well return to the oppressive situation our Founding Fathers left behind when they founded this great nation.

Whose union will be next, the NFO, the Farm Bureau, Landmark, Cenex, the League of Municipalities or any person or group that needs to band together to resist the “Big Money Group”? Think about that!



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