Your Views: Right-wing criticism during crisis is careless

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

If Republicans were in the White House today, they would demand unity from the Congress in support of the tenuous situation in Ukraine. To do otherwise during such a serious time borders on treason.

As a World War II vet, I am furious at the cheap, vicious political carping leveled at this president, who inherited two “wars without end,” inspired by a then-free-spending, Republican-led Congress and administration. He has done a remarkable job, considering the well-orchestrated, withering criticism leveled at him daily, no matter what choice he might make on any matter.

It has always been contrary to American values to criticize the president during an international crisis. The George W. Bush administration was a prime example of coming down hard on news media or any other source that dared criticize anything that administration did!

Constructive recommendations would be welcome in this dangerous situation. Unfortunately, today’s extreme-right conservatives thrive on fear and divisiveness, rarely offering anything constructive.



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