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Friday, March 7, 2014


On Parkview referendum: How many voters of the district who are on fixed incomes or retired “vetted” these proposals?

-- Thomas Murn

-- They are asking for a 40 percent increase in their property tax. If they attract open enrollment students to the district, the state revenue that comes with them pays only a portion of the cost of educating those students. The rest of the expense is paid by the taxpayers in the district.

-- garyprimer

-- But we have to do something. Our buildings are old, the budgets for repairs are gone. If the people of Parkview had said “yes” to new ideas before, we would have built new schools before. Something has to be done for the future of the district. I am voting “yes.”

-- Terry Gerber


On snowy owls bring silent beauty: Beautiful, thanks for sharing these photos!

-- wislady

-- Thank you for taking and sharing your photos of this beautiful bird, Scott. And thank you, Anna Marie, for the story.

-- Solo_Voce


On ag group seeks county’s support: Are they going to MINE any gravel?

-- wislady

-- Would it be FAIR if they did?

-- new user

-- We the citizens don’t want this. County board, please do not give any tax dollars to this project.

-- new user

-- “We the citizens don’t want this.” Why, and who are the citizens you are speaking for?

-- Turkeyman

On mechanics warn of pothole dangers: And yet we keep sending money overseas to rebuild roads, bridges, and infrastructures. Something is major wrong with this picture. Sad, sad situation.

-- hdonlybob

-- The state has cut back funds to municipalities for road maintenance and shared revenues in order to balance the state budget. Talk about kicking the can down the road!

-- garyprimer

On March health care deadline: How can people not know about it? Do people not watch TV, read newspapers, use computers, read magazines? … Millions have been spent, letters sent out, talk show hosts, newscasts all have blared constantly the pros and cons of the health care program, so how can people not know? Is it that unimportant to them?

-- RetArmy

-- A lot of low-income people are not real smart. I have a small business where I see quite a few of them. About half of them just don’t know about it or don’t have the mental capacity to understand it could really help them and (that) it won’t really cost them anything.

-- Truthtelller

On state tourism commercials: “Easy going spirit,” is that a joke? I could see having Prozac commercials here, but the folks from Wisconsin are (far) from “easy going.” In all honesty, I wouldn’t even bother with tourism commercials. Instead use the money for something else. The economy isn’t as great as many in the media would have you believe.

-- beamer


To Steve Knox: The parents’ excuse to drive their kids to school is safety, when in fact they are the ones that are unsafe.


-- Bravo, I have asked my children hundreds of times, “Why do we always get stuck behind the ones who feel the drop-off lane is a good time to discuss that night’s dinner plans or whatever else they seem to be yakking about?” I have been doing the Franklin/Parker traffic jam for the past 10 years.

-- woopislihoods

-- I recall similar frustrations. Most Janesville schools were not built with the idea that a lot of parents would be dropping kids off by car, so the roads around them are not especially wide, and there are no on-site drive-throughs. … One solution is to drop your kids off several blocks away, far from the maddening traffic jam, which would keep you calmer and help out the situation at school.

-- Frank J. Schultz

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