Your Views: Parents see reason to back Big Foot’s referendum

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Friday, March 7, 2014

As parents of a child who attends Big Foot High School, we have had the opportunity to see what an educational system can be when everyone works for the benefit of students. Administrators give children the services they need. Principals lead by serving their teachers and students, and teachers make sacrifices for their students.

Big Foot High School is a school without all the bells and whistles. This referendum is not asking for anything out of reason. Many needs cannot be satisfied within the operational budget. Some of these items have been deferred for years, creating strains on an already tight budget. These items will enhance educational programming, provide a safe educational environment, and also maintain and enhance the facility.

It is the responsibility of community members to ensure the infrastructure is in place for children to live within a society that is safe and has a strong educational foundation. Big Foot enjoys a rich history of community involvement, as evidenced by the many lifelong residents who are active community leaders from all sectors—business, church, civic and volunteer.

The decision of local taxpayers will affect the future of thousands of students. We urge all residents in the Big Foot School District to support the high school by passing the referendum questions on April 1.



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