Your Views: Every school should have garden to grow learning

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Friday, March 7, 2014

With the recent increase in concerns regarding children’s nutrition at home and at school, more attention is being given toward how we can instill the values of food production in kids. As a parent, I believe a garden at every school is necessary to instill in children the value of producing their own fruits and vegetables. More than 120 schools in Wisconsin have already incorporated gardening into the curriculum.

Gardening is something that kids of any age can learn from. Children learn about science, math, social studies, nutrition, health, activities to promote wellness, and the value of teamwork. Helping kids understand the difference between healthy food and processed food encourages healthier eating, resulting in reduced rates of childhood obesity. When children actively participate in their education, they retain more information, which makes it more meaningful for them throughout their lives. Gardening isn’t an add-on to the curriculum. As you can see, fully integrating a gardening curriculum in every school will provide the most benefits for children.

Having a garden at every school is not an unachievable task. Many resources available at the local, state, and federal levels are available to schools that see the value of gardening education. With the coordinated help of parents, teachers and school administrators, the goal of having a garden at every school in Wisconsin is definitely something that can be accomplished.



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