Lake Geneva residents asked to run faucets

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Staff | March 6, 2014

LAKE GENEVA--Turn on the tap.

Lake Geneva's Water Utility Department is asking customers to keep a stream of water from a cold water faucet running in their homes for the duration of the cold weather this winter to prevent the risk of frozen water pipes—both in houses and backyard underground service lines.

“This winter has become the coldest in the past 24 years,” noted the post on the city's website.  “The frost layer under our streets (where water lines are buried) is approaching 6' in depth. In the short term, we expect frozen ground to continue to drive down deeper for the next several weeks.”

The utility is requesting customers turn on and let run a cold water faucet with a stream of water about the thickness of a pencil lead. Customers who don't comply will be responsible for the cost of lateral line repairs—a six-figure proposition that includes “excavation, street restoration, lawn restoration, thawing of ice from the water service line, parts and labor and any other expenses incurred” by the department, according to the post.

Customers who run the water can ask for an adjustment of their water bill after March 31.

The city of Whitewater and the village of East Troy have also posted notices asking customers to run a thin stream of water continuously from a faucet in their homes during the cold weather.

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