Sound Off for Wednesday, March 5, 2014

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On fire station: We need a new Janesville fire station about as much as we need more cold weather. If anything, we should renovate an existing building, not build a brand new building at exorbitant costs.

-- Thursday’s front page headline says “Homeowners aren’t happy.” That’s not a big surprise. They’re getting kicked out of their houses. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous; there is no justification. That area of the city has not seen any growth in years. It’s over the top and absurd and an abuse of taxpayers.

On school benefits: Last Wednesday’s article “School board supports benefits committee”  stated that Greg Ardrey said he hopes to solicit input from all employees on any policy changes that will affect the district. My question would be: What will that change?

On Watson development: After reading the many articles, it is ironic that Bill Watson refers to his landholdings as Mulder Dairy Farms. Think about it. He bought farms, uses the name farms for the company, but none of his proposals have anything to do with farming. That is very disrespectful in a state whose farming heritage and economy are so important.

-- Why would Milton Mayor Frazier and City Administrator Schuetz feel blindsided by Watson going to Janesville? It’s exactly what they did to the townships and their own council. What goes around comes around.

On garbage bins: This is for all residents of Janesville who store their containers outside. Please secure their lids so they don’t bang all night. It’s very aggravating. Remember, your neighbors might be in bed after 10:30 p.m. so that’s not the time to put your garbage out and be banging the lids. Courtesy is the name of being a good neighbor.

On Ukraine crisis: Here we go again. This country just can’t keep its nose out of other countries’ affairs. The Ukraine trouble has nothing to do with you or Obama.

-- On the front page Saturday, Barack Obama threatening Russia, are you kidding me? He’s ruined our economy, our jobs, our military and we have no foreign affairs. I doubt if Gilligan’s Island is afraid of that guy. Russia probably laughs and just sent its military forward.

-- This is what happens when America projects weakness and leads from behind. We were told electing Obama would make the world love us. Instead, we lost respect. Vladimir Putin knows that the biggest thing he has to fear is a strongly worded letter from the U.N. You can say a lot of things about Putin that are true, but one thing you can’t say is that he is weak.

On voter IDs: Page 5B Saturday states activists are seeking ID cards for voters who don’t have them. No, they’re seeking voters who don’t have IDs so they can parade them, but they’re harder to find than Big Foot. Go to the last paragraph for the truth. The Supreme Court ruled in 2008 a state can require voters to produce photo IDs without violating constitutional rights.

On Leonard Pitts Jr.: What would I do without Pitts to tell me what to feel guilty about?

-- What would you call a person whose every waking moment is consumed by race; a person who couldn’t discuss any subject without finding racism or some racial conflict? You call that person Leonard Pitts. Blaming whitey 50 years after the fact is not going to help the problems in the black community. It’s racist, counterproductive and intellectually dishonest.

On salvage man: I just want to comment on Sunday’s Sound Off. I agree with the call about salvation in salvage, saying God bless the homeless man who started the scrap business.

On GOP tax cut plan: It’s bad enough with Obamacare, but now the GOP is attacking health care. Among those listed on Page 6B Feb. 27 is repealing the tax credit on medical expenses. Are they out of their minds? This is one way to really infuriate the elderly, and AARP will be all over them.

On cellphones: Look at the accident the other day. The woman driving was on the phone, bam. I’m a biker, and people almost hit me just because they are on the phone. Hey, you get a phone call, call back later or park.

On food stamps: If Michelle Obama really wants to curb obesity, she needs to look into the food stamp program. They need to limit the type of foods they can buy with food stamps—not junk food, not soda, not candy bars, but real food that is nourishing.

On photo: I would like to thank photographer Dan Lassiter for the priceless, heartwarming picture on Page 2A Sunday. The picture of a father and his daughter swimming gave me a permanent smile.

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