Delavan dog track demolition in the works

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DELAVAN—The greyhound racetrack in Delavan has been empty for nearly eight years.

In that time, its owner, NRB Land Development, has been paying for utilities and upkeep for the buildings surrounding the track.

Now, the buildings are slated to come down.

On Tuesday, Delavan Public Works Director Mark Wendorf confirmed representatives from NRB have met with the city to see about getting a demolition permit for the property.

NRB Land Development Manager Andy Teegan confirmed those plans Wednesday. Although the company hasn't yet taken out demolition permits, he was “fairly confident” the work would be done.

“It would have to eventually come down anyway,” Teegan said.

It's unlikely anyone would find another use for the building and the grandstands that curve around the southern side of the track, Teegan  said.

Utilities and upkeep for the building are expensive, some years totaling more than $100,000, he said.

NRB has been unable to find a buyer for the land, which is on prime real estate at the corner of Highway 50 and Interstate 43.

Teegan said the company hoped it would be able to recycle much of the materials in the building.

Talk of demolition does not signal the start of a new building on the site, he said.

“There's not an imminent development project,” Teegan said. “Unfortunately, that's not the case, yet.”

The company “still loves the site," he said.

It's possible the demolition might be the start of a "domino effect that gets things going."

“When the bottom dropped out in 2007, 2008, nobody realized how long it would take to come back,” Teegan said.

Occasionally, rumors have swirled through the community about potential buyers, but nothing has yet come to fruition.

The 200-acre property is close to Lake Lawn Resort and several retail centers.

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